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Jarritos Flavor City

Jarritos, a popular soda pop in Latin America and Hispanic communities in the US, is holding a contest looking for artists using any medium to create and ad for Jarritos and their “DRINK OUT LOUD” slogan. Submission deadline is June 25th and the winner will have their artwork formally displayed at the popular Downtown Los Angeles Artwalk.


Where the Wild Things Are Pop Up Shop

While most movie marketing is done with posters/billboard, tv, radio and internet ads, there are some films that are going above and beyond the traditional world of film advertising. Where the Wild Things Are is Spike Jonze’s highly anticipated film, the posters have been teasing for a while, but the big attraction, in Los Angeles at least is the Where the Wild Things Are pop up shop located at Space 15 Twenty. The store is decorated like the forest from the movie and is selling various memorabilia.  The shop is located at 1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA‎ 90028. I’ll definitely be checking it out before it closes on October 18th. View more pictures at Kitsune Nior.

Denver Art Museum’s Political Posters

The Denver Art Museum has a temporary exhibition going on to go along with the Democratic National Convention. The pieces on display will be political posters that will be shown digitally.

Flooded London

St Mary Woolnoth- Rich Pickings

A series of 3D images produced by Squint/Opera studio are on display as part of the London Architectural Festival. The images are set roughly in the year 2090 and depict people adapting to their lives in the then flooded city. The images are quite interesting (and frightening), be sure to check out their blog to see how they made them.

Smithsonian Institution’s Copyright-free Flickr Page

The Smithsonian Institute has started a Flickr page with hundreds of photos that have no copyrights on them. The photos are all high-resolution. Check out the collection here. The above picture is from 1900, a mail carrier being humorous with a baby in his bag.

World’s First Graphic Design Museum

The world’s first graphic design museum has opened in Beyerd Breda, Netherlands. The Museum opened on June 11th and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands was present for the inauguration. The first of it’s kind, the museum is currently hosting four exhibits, including one entitled “100 Years of Dutch Graphic Design.” For more info visit Graphic Design Museum.

Inmates Get Exhibition

Inmates at the Karachi Central Jail in Pakistan were treated to an exhibition of their artwork this past Sunday. The prisoners (some who are convicted, some awaiting trial) were taught various art techniques for a year and a half by Sikander Ali. In total, ten pieces of art were sold, five to the Consul-General of France.

Bomb It

A new documentary about graffiti arts is coming to Los Angeles on June 6th. Check out Bomb It for more information.

Digital Collection – Vintage Advertisements

Duke University Library has a wonderful online gallery available called Ad*Access. The gallery features hundreds of high quality scans of vintage ads, from beauty products to transportation, the gallery is worth your time. It’s amazing to see how much things have changed, not only with the products the adverts endorse, but the design of the ad itself.

George Lois – The Esquire Covers

Graphic designer George Lois is mostly famous for his 92 Esquire Magazine covers which were printed from 1962-1972. His covers will be on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York until March 31, 2009. Be sure to check it out if you find yourself in the area.

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