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Modern Movie Posters

You the Designer is a great blog dedicated to design, a couple weeks ago we posted about Amazing Vintage Posters, but You the Designer has an equally inspiring post with 38 Awesome Movie Posters that are a little more modern, be sure to check out the post and blog, good reads!


Microsoft needs Macintosh

The new “I’m a PC” campaign has been invading our lives for the past couple weeks now, but when Microsoft hired Crispin Porter & Bogusky I don’t think they took into consideration what computers they would be using.  In the graphics world Macintosh is the industry standard, and the people at Crispin Porter & Bogusky are no different. I’m sure Mac users of the world were delighted to see that some of the ads created for the popular campaign were created on Macs. PC might have just lost the “cool” they were trying to steal away from Apple.

Digital Collection – Vintage Advertisements

Duke University Library has a wonderful online gallery available called Ad*Access. The gallery features hundreds of high quality scans of vintage ads, from beauty products to transportation, the gallery is worth your time. It’s amazing to see how much things have changed, not only with the products the adverts endorse, but the design of the ad itself.