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FREE Photos for Blog Use is an awesome site! Often times when posting onto this blog I find it hard to find a free image to use. Recently Graphic- posted about a site called PicApp which has tons of free images for blog use, the only catch is that there is a small ad placed at the bottom right corner of the photo, it links back to the PicApp Gallery it came from. The small ad doesn’t at all take away from the photo, in fact I was testing the site and didn’t really notice it. Be sure to check both those sites out.


iPad and Designing

If you haven’t heard, last week Apple announced it’s “revolutionary” iPad last week. Basically an iPhone, Kindle-sized. Apple claims it’s filling the gap between an iPhone and a MacBook, though I, among others, am not sure that gap needed to be filled. I’ve already seen lots of accessories for the device, including kickstands and keyboards, which makes me question again, why anyone would really buy this instead of a laptop. Apple has thousands of loyal consumers, me included, but this seems very unnecessary.

Ok now that my opinions of the iPad are out of the way, Graphic Design Blender has a cool little write up about how the iPad will change the way sites are designed, from vertical and horizontal style sheets to bigger navigation buttons, since navigating is done with fingers rather than mouse pointers. Only time will tell if the iPad is a success for Apple, and if it is, I’m sure that many sites cater to the device, until then, we’ll see.

50 Free Lessons in Graphic Design

Have you always wanted to be a graphic designer, or looked at something and thought “I could have made that.” Well PSDTUTS is offering 50 100% free lessons in graphic design, the topics cover a wide range indepth including Typography and Color Theory. Be sure to check it out, you’ll definately learn something.

Obama Ding Bats



Jeff Domke made Dingbats inspired by the street art insprited by Barack Obama. Download the set for free by visiting his website.


Taking a little from social networking sites such as Myspace and Facebook, UrbnFabrik is a place for urban artists to network with other artists and companies associated with the urban art scene. The site serves as a stepping stone for artists trying to start a clothing label or other graphic or art venture.

Library of Congress


The Libaray of Congress has made over 3,000 photos from their collection available at Flickr. There photos just a snippet of the 14 million they have archived, but they hope that joining the Flickr community will encourage members to tag and comment on the photos. It’s going to be hard to scroll through just a few pages.