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Where the Wild Things Are Pop Up Shop

While most movie marketing is done with posters/billboard, tv, radio and internet ads, there are some films that are going above and beyond the traditional world of film advertising. Where the Wild Things Are is Spike Jonze’s highly anticipated film, the posters have been teasing for a while, but the big attraction, in Los Angeles at least is the Where the Wild Things Are pop up shop located at Space 15 Twenty. The store is decorated like the forest from the movie and is selling various memorabilia.  The shop is located at 1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA‎ 90028. I’ll definitely be checking it out before it closes on October 18th. View more pictures at Kitsune Nior.


David Carson

One of the most famous graphic designers of this generation has got to be David Carson, as one of his assignments at the un-conventional Ray Gun Magazine had him using a Dingbat font for an interview that he considered to be boring.  He’s been known to use non-mainstream styles and his style often has a grungy edge to it.  Be sure to check out his site. is a great site where the design community can look forward to submitting great designs as well as view other designs for inspiration.  Over 3,000 designs are featured on the site and you vote on designs if you like them.  Only the best work is featured in their gallery which appears to be monitored by an actual graphic artist(s).  The logos featured are all very creative while keeping the simplicity.  Be sure to check the site out!