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Evolution of Tech Logos

While searching for the evolution of logos I found the Evolution of Tech Logos over at Neatorama. Though all of the logos listed here have changed significantly, if not entirely, from the originals, for the most part they’ve been on the same path for decades now. Apple’s first logo was virtually unknown and not even used for a year before they switched over to the rainbow striped apple they used until 1999, when it was replaced with the monochrome apple we all know today.

Be sure to head over to Neatorama to check them all out.


Playstation and Changing Logos

Once a brand has made it’s mark it’s hard to look at any other logo concepts without thinking that they all look inferior to the known design. There may even be a better logo than the one they use in the stack, but the logo the world has already known will always be proffered. Logo Design Love posted about different Sony Playstaion concepts, and though most are not as great as the current logo, there are a couple in the batch with definite potential.

Just to show how important branding is, if Playstation were to change their logo now, I don’t think it would be well received. Not just with Playstation, but any brand in general usually sees a little backlash, just like Pepsi had when they changed their logo a few months back, though it’s evolved, their last re-brand was a little too extreme.

Be sure to check out Logo Design Love’s other posts too, their blog is great.