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Madrid, Spain Honors Dutch Design

The month of March will be dedicated to Dutch design in the city of Madrid, Spain. The Dutch embassy is working with the city producing the event which is the first of it’s kind at this scale, being held in Madrid. Readings and exhibits will be held around the city during the month. For more info (en Español) check out HOLAMAD.COM.


Design and the Elastic Mind


The Museum of Modern Art in New York, NY will be hosting an exhibit entitled Design and the Elastic Mind. The exhibit will host a variety of works on different mediums put together by designers, engineers and scientists from around the world which will feature objects that are microscopic to gigantic sized. The exhibit opens on February 24th and will run until May 12. Go to the site linked above for more information.

Design for Democracy


With the ’08 election slowly approaching there are several ways design plays a part in who will be come our president, from campaign sign and logo design to the actual ballots that you’re voting on, graphics play a large part in the election too. Some people think Florida’s ballots, which were were poorly designed in the ’04 election were the direct cause of the chaos. Specifically many believe it was hard to tell who you were voting for, while most Floridians stated they meant to vote for Gore, we all know the outcome of that. Obey Giant founder Sheppard Fairy has even got into this with his Obama poster shown above.

There is also a whole organization whose whole mission is to make the voting experience much clearer for everyone involved. For more information check out Design for Democracy.

Three Students Launch Design Magazine

Three students from Cambrian College in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada have launched their own magazine entitled Soap+Water. The magazine will focus on new design talent in their local area, which is often overlooked for Toronto. They’re currently distributing 500 copies of the magazine, though they hope with the second installment they’ll double that number as well as the size of the magazine. For more information go to