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Sports Logos

Chris Creamer has an excellent site dedicated to sports logos, there’s over 10,000 logos available on the site and included are all major American sports associations. The logos are not only current and team logos but also college and event logos such as the Rose Bowl. Be sure to check out his site.


Periodic Table of Typefaces

I found this very cool and educational table of typography on Gizmodo, it seems that the design team at Squidspot came up with the idea and executed it beautifully. The table also includes the author of the typeface as well as the year it was created. Be sure to check it out.

What the Font!?

Have you ever wondered what a font was, you have a trillion fonts on your computer and none seem to match what you’re looking at. For designers a lot of fonts are easy to recognize just by looking at them for a few seconds, but sometimes we all have those moments when you just can’t figure it out.  Luckily has a feature called What the Font! which allows you to  upload an image or provide a url and it will give you the font that was used. It’s really neat just to try even if you already know what font you have.

Graphic Design Contests Blog

I came across a really neat blog for all you aspiring designers out there or anyone who like a challange or competions.  Graphic Competitions is a blog that posts all the contests out on the web. Be sure to check it out, they also have an RSS feed so you can get the updates as soon as they’re available.