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U of Cincinnati Students Take on Super Bowl Project


Two University of Cincinnati students have had the opportunity of a lifetime, when they were selected to help a very small team of designers  complete the graphics for the upcoming Super Bowl in Phoenix, AZ on February 3rd.

 The two students had a hand in everything graphics in regards to this years super bowl. Justin Curtis and Sarah Dunn both helped create not only the graphics that will be adorn the interior of the stadium but also the outside of the stadium. The word didn’t stop there either, the two also helped with graphics that will be places all around the city, including in the airport, hotels and even hotel key cards.


Escape Awards


The first Escape Awards ceremony is to be held at the Tate Modern in London on March 27th. The event will honor the best graphic artists in both the UK professional and student communities. The judge panel will consist of 30 or so professionals from Sony and Pixar among others, with the activities being hosted by Lord David Puttnam, the Oscar-winning producer behind the film Chariots of Fire.

 To get more information on this visit The Escape Awards.

Corporate Branding – Logos

Cruising a site looking for logos, I came across The blog dedicates itself to analyzing corporate branding that has been tampered with. This lead me to a couple other blogs that had similar posts. Growing up I never realized how important branding is, how important a logo is, and if you change that, you risk loss of business, on the other hand you can also gain a new generation. There’s a certain local restaurant that has been rated high in Zagat, but I won’t go there because their logo looks very dated. I think the point of a logo–corporate brand–is to be timeless. Here are the old and new Baskin Robbins logos. Which do you prefer?


Photoshop World Conference & Expo Set

The expo, sponsored by National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) is set for April 2nd to the 4th, 2008. The expo will be held at the Orange County Convention Center South, in Orlando Florida. The annual event will host up to 100 classes, taught by leading Photoshop experts.

The emphasis is obviously on Photoshop, however there will be information about other applications such as After Effects, Illustrator, Light Room, and In Design. A listing of all the events and classes are available at the Photoshop World website.


Graphic Artists Recognized

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to win a Grammy, but I’m not musically inclined, I was just given hope though. I never knew but for some reason I’m not surprised, that there is a Grammy given out for Best Recording Package. This year ‘s nominees are:
Zack Ripper for Cassadaga by Bright Eyes
Masaki Koike for Black Sabbath: The Dio Years by Black Sabbath
Craig Thompson for Friend and Foe by Menomena
Don Clark for Secrets Keep You Sick by The Fold
Qing-Yang Xiao for White Horse performed by GTS
Good luck to all.

Library of Congress


The Libaray of Congress has made over 3,000 photos from their collection available at Flickr. There photos just a snippet of the 14 million they have archived, but they hope that joining the Flickr community will encourage members to tag and comment on the photos. It’s going to be hard to scroll through just a few pages.

Pop Art Tutorial


1. Open a picture in Photoshop.

2. Duplicate the layer and change the blending mode to Luminosity.

3. Invert the colors on the new layer. (Image>Adjustments>Invert)

4. Reduce the opacity of the same layer to 50%.

5. Duplicate the background layer and put the duplicate layer on top.

6. Change the blending mode to Muliply on that layer.

7. Adjust the Threshold on the top layer. (Image>Adjustments>Threshold)

8. Ajdust the Hue/Saturation on the middle layer.

9. Here is my final result, I don’t think I used the best picture, next time I’ll try it with a picture that has more contrast.


CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is Going to Russsia

 CorelDRAW is to be installed on all computers in primary and secondary schools throughout Russia. The Russian Federal Agency of Education is receiving a million licenses for the graphics suite which is ever-so-popular in Russia. Felix Muchnik, General Director of Softkey, states that Corel is giving Russian students the confidence in their graphic design abilities. He also feels that this tool will provide the students with what they need to succeed in school and their careers.