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FREE Photos for Blog Use is an awesome site! Often times when posting onto this blog I find it hard to find a free image to use. Recently Graphic- posted about a site called PicApp which has tons of free images for blog use, the only catch is that there is a small ad placed at the bottom right corner of the photo, it links back to the PicApp Gallery it came from. The small ad doesn’t at all take away from the photo, in fact I was testing the site and didn’t really notice it. Be sure to check both those sites out.


iPad and Designing

If you haven’t heard, last week Apple announced it’s “revolutionary” iPad last week. Basically an iPhone, Kindle-sized. Apple claims it’s filling the gap between an iPhone and a MacBook, though I, among others, am not sure that gap needed to be filled. I’ve already seen lots of accessories for the device, including kickstands and keyboards, which makes me question again, why anyone would really buy this instead of a laptop. Apple has thousands of loyal consumers, me included, but this seems very unnecessary.

Ok now that my opinions of the iPad are out of the way, Graphic Design Blender has a cool little write up about how the iPad will change the way sites are designed, from vertical and horizontal style sheets to bigger navigation buttons, since navigating is done with fingers rather than mouse pointers. Only time will tell if the iPad is a success for Apple, and if it is, I’m sure that many sites cater to the device, until then, we’ll see.

Web Designer Tools

As the economy keeps going down, it’s important to have the approach every client with the mentality that you’re going to land the project.  There are many steps you can take to make sure your chances of landing that project are the highest they can be. If clients look, they’ll likely find someone who is willing comprise price (and most likely quality), so it’s important to show them you provide quality work at a fair price.  Specky Boy is a great blog we read here regularly, and they’ve compiled a list of proposals, tools and resources for anyone, whether a design firm or a freelancer. Check out  Specky Boy.

Funny Print Ads

Spyre Studios is a great graphic design blog, I’m sure we’ve posted about them before, but the time they put into their blog really shows. They recently posted 30 Hilarious Print Advertisements, clever and funny the collection is an amazing one. The ad above made me laugh out loud! Be sure to check out Spyre Studios and maybe even subscribe to their blog.

Adobe to Lay Off Close to 700 Employees

The LA Times is reporting that Adobe systems is planning to lay off 680 employees in the near future due to a decline in sales, as many are waiting for the next Creative Suite to release next year before spending any money with the company.  Last year the company also cut 600 jobs which was equal to about 8% of it’s workforce. Read the entire story at

Amazing Vintage Movie Posters

barry-lyndonDesigner Daily, one of our favorite blogs here at IheartGraphics they just posted 30 Amazing Vintage Movie posters, and it’s great to see how some of these are easy to date, but they still look great! All of them, great inspirational material for any graphic designer! Be sure to check them out.

Team Manila

I grew up in a neighborhood with a high concentration of Filipinos, so when I came across this article on Team Manila I was immediately interested. It seems this graphic design studio has been open since 2001 and puts a lot of their efforts into nationalism, rather than focusing on other cultures they’re embracing their own. Be sure to check out the article!

Ask Your Clients

These days there’s not a lot of money floating around, and most businesses are hurting but there are things you can ask of your clients instead of more money.  You The Designer posted up 7, while I’ll list what I think the most important are.


Testimonials are great for your site, but only if they can be verified, if someone gives you and awesome testimonial but wants to remain anonymous, who’s to say you didn’t write the testimonial yourself? A link to the clients website should take care of this.

Designed By Links

When you design a website, be sure to ask the client if you can include a small link at the bottom of the page, often times even resistant clients will let you put a link up that may match the background closely, especially for a discount of some sort, or maybe you can offer to design free business cards, something simple, the link is worth it.

Logo Usage Rights

For your own website, it’s important to have a list of your clients, be sure to ask if you can use a client’s logo on your site.


The best way to get business is by word of mouth, ask your clients to tell their friends about you, you can also offer incentives for every project you get based on one of their referrals.

Evolution of Tech Logos

While searching for the evolution of logos I found the Evolution of Tech Logos over at Neatorama. Though all of the logos listed here have changed significantly, if not entirely, from the originals, for the most part they’ve been on the same path for decades now. Apple’s first logo was virtually unknown and not even used for a year before they switched over to the rainbow striped apple they used until 1999, when it was replaced with the monochrome apple we all know today.

Be sure to head over to Neatorama to check them all out.

Playstation and Changing Logos

Once a brand has made it’s mark it’s hard to look at any other logo concepts without thinking that they all look inferior to the known design. There may even be a better logo than the one they use in the stack, but the logo the world has already known will always be proffered. Logo Design Love posted about different Sony Playstaion concepts, and though most are not as great as the current logo, there are a couple in the batch with definite potential.

Just to show how important branding is, if Playstation were to change their logo now, I don’t think it would be well received. Not just with Playstation, but any brand in general usually sees a little backlash, just like Pepsi had when they changed their logo a few months back, though it’s evolved, their last re-brand was a little too extreme.

Be sure to check out Logo Design Love’s other posts too, their blog is great.

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