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Jarritos Flavor City

Jarritos, a popular soda pop in Latin America and Hispanic communities in the US, is holding a contest looking for artists using any medium to create and ad for Jarritos and their “DRINK OUT LOUD” slogan. Submission deadline is June 25th and the winner will have their artwork formally displayed at the popular Downtown Los Angeles Artwalk.


Rob Gonsalves

Rob Gonsalves is a modern Canadian painter who creates “Magic Realism.” His paintings seem to be hevily inspire by MC Escher and Salvador Dali. Gonsalves currently has a portfolio of 64 paintings. Check out some of his work here.

Paper Cuts

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead

In Mexico a popular holiday is the Day of the Dead, where the dead are honored. In many ways it’s a very creative holiday, as people paint their faces to look like skeletons and make the cut-paper banners. The designs are often elaborate and depict skeletons doing everyday activities. BibliOdyssey has a large collection of the paper artwork.

Jeff Koons Yacht

Artist Jeff Koons designed the artwork on this yacht owned by art collector  Dakis Joannou. The yacht is named “Guilty.”

Paint or Die but Love Me

Designer John Nouanesing created this rendering of a paint drip table concept entitled, “Paint or Die but Love Me.” The table has gotten much attention in several blogs and it’s a shame that the table does not actually exist outside of your the computer screen.

Flooded London

St Mary Woolnoth- Rich Pickings

A series of 3D images produced by Squint/Opera studio are on display as part of the London Architectural Festival. The images are set roughly in the year 2090 and depict people adapting to their lives in the then flooded city. The images are quite interesting (and frightening), be sure to check out their blog to see how they made them.

Parris Whittingham and Archan Nair

This is a collaboration by photographer Parris Whittingham and graphic designer Archan Nair. To see more work by Archan Nair check out Humble Voice.