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FREE Photos for Blog Use is an awesome site! Often times when posting onto this blog I find it hard to find a free image to use. Recently Graphic- posted about a site called PicApp which has tons of free images for blog use, the only catch is that there is a small ad placed at the bottom right corner of the photo, it links back to the PicApp Gallery it came from. The small ad doesn’t at all take away from the photo, in fact I was testing the site and didn’t really notice it. Be sure to check both those sites out.


Wedding Photography

Here’s a cool company that specializes in wedding photography. Red Seal Photography

Smithsonian Institution’s Copyright-free Flickr Page

The Smithsonian Institute has started a Flickr page with hundreds of photos that have no copyrights on them. The photos are all high-resolution. Check out the collection here. The above picture is from 1900, a mail carrier being humorous with a baby in his bag.

Parris Whittingham and Archan Nair

This is a collaboration by photographer Parris Whittingham and graphic designer Archan Nair. To see more work by Archan Nair check out Humble Voice.