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David Byrne

Bedford & North 6th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Bedford & North 6th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

David Byrne might best be known for his role in the 80s band the Talking Heads, though he’s also teamed up with the New York City Department of Transportaiton to provide a little more excitement to bike racks. The bike racks are graphically designed to spice up any street. Be sure to check out David’s site for more information.


Denver Art Museum’s Political Posters

The Denver Art Museum has a temporary exhibition going on to go along with the Democratic National Convention. The pieces on display will be political posters that will be shown digitally.

Jeff Koons Yacht

Artist Jeff Koons designed the artwork on this yacht owned by art collector  Dakis Joannou. The yacht is named “Guilty.”

Really Cool Birth Announcements

We just came across a post about these birth announcements from Rattle-N-Roll. They’re custom made birth announcements that resemble vintage concert posters. I would imagine any graphic designer or musician could appreciate these.

Olympic Logos

I found this slide show of Olympic logos from 1948-2012. I found them pretty interesting, I wasn’t able to embed the slideshow, so be sure to click on that link.

Kaws Takes on Complex

Artist KawsOne added his signature graphics to the August/September issue of Complex Magazine. Not only has the cover been stamped by one of the most notable artists today, but the feature inside is also blessed with his artwork. Check it out.

Paint or Die but Love Me

Designer John Nouanesing created this rendering of a paint drip table concept entitled, “Paint or Die but Love Me.” The table has gotten much attention in several blogs and it’s a shame that the table does not actually exist outside of your the computer screen.

Wedding Photography

Here’s a cool company that specializes in wedding photography. Red Seal Photography