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CS5 is Coming!

Adobe is currently accepting pre-orders for the new CS5 release. As with any new Adobe product this update is not without buzz, design blogs have already been having a field day with this for a couple weeks, while there’s even an Unofficial CS5 blog up and running. There are many upgrades and features being added to Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, and there’s not very much waiting left!


50 Free Lessons in Graphic Design

Have you always wanted to be a graphic designer, or looked at something and thought “I could have made that.” Well PSDTUTS is offering 50 100% free lessons in graphic design, the topics cover a wide range indepth including Typography and Color Theory. Be sure to check it out, you’ll definately learn something.

Photoshop is Amazing


While searching for Photoshop tips, I came across a blog entry entitled If Celebs Moved To Oklahoma, (pictures are taken from hence the title, it’s basically Photoshopped pictures of how celebrities would look if they were in middle America. See the Beckhams above, click the link for more amazing Photosphop work.