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Funny Print Ads

Spyre Studios is a great graphic design blog, I’m sure we’ve posted about them before, but the time they put into their blog really shows. They recently posted 30 Hilarious Print Advertisements, clever and funny the collection is an amazing one. The ad above made me laugh out loud! Be sure to check out Spyre Studios and maybe even subscribe to their blog.


Modern Movie Posters

You the Designer is a great blog dedicated to design, a couple weeks ago we posted about Amazing Vintage Posters, but You the Designer has an equally inspiring post with 38 Awesome Movie Posters that are a little more modern, be sure to check out the post and blog, good reads!

Where the Wild Things Are Pop Up Shop

While most movie marketing is done with posters/billboard, tv, radio and internet ads, there are some films that are going above and beyond the traditional world of film advertising. Where the Wild Things Are is Spike Jonze’s highly anticipated film, the posters have been teasing for a while, but the big attraction, in Los Angeles at least is the Where the Wild Things Are pop up shop located at Space 15 Twenty. The store is decorated like the forest from the movie and is selling various memorabilia.  The shop is located at 1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA‎ 90028. I’ll definitely be checking it out before it closes on October 18th. View more pictures at Kitsune Nior.

Design for Diesel

Diesel NYC

Diesel is holding a design contest open to everyone to design blank walls in cities across the world. The above wall is in New York City. To get the specs for the walls and deadlines (it’s different in every city), check out Diesel Wall 2008.

If Microsoft had the Ipod

The video above shows what the IPOD packaging would look like if Microsoft got it’s hands on it. I like Apple design because it’s simple and to the point, which is not always the case with Microsoft. This video was posted two and a half years ago, but it’s still very relevant to design and marketing, and quite humorous.

Airbourne and it’s Clever Marketing


This isn’t so much about graphics, but it kind of demonstrates how far design can go. The makers of Airborne reached a settlement in a case that is having them pay $23 million dollars for false advertising. Consumers can get a refund for Airborne purchased as far back as 2001, so long as they have their receipts.

“Airborne is basically an overpriced, run-of-the-mill vitamin pill that’s been cleverly, but deceptively, marketed.” –David Schardt (Center for Science in the Public Interest)