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DesignBay purchaces DesignCrowd

A crowdsourcing company out of Australia, DesignBay, has recently acquired another big crowdsourcing  site, DesignCrowd. The new combined forces will do business as DesignCrowd, is already being redirected to Although in the design world crowdsourcing has caused a lot of controversy, it seems to be a growing business, with crowdsourcing sites popping up all over the place it’s still hard to see how this will affect designers who are actually competing with hundreds of other people for the same income they used to rely on, it could mean that the best designers will rise to the top, while lazy designers will be weeded out, or it could mean design gets watered-down. Only time will tell.


New Joy Division Zune

On June 17th, Microsoft will release the Joy Division Zune to the public. A limited run of only 500 units will be available, and features the graphic from Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures album by Factory Records graphic artist, Peter Saville. The 80 gig multimedia player will come preloaded with a Joy Division documentary also titled, Unknown Pleasures. For more information check out Zune.